16mm AGM 2022


ModelEarth will be attending the 16mm AGM at Peterborough on Saturday 25.06.22 our stand is R18

We will have as much product as we can, but we are on a reduced stand.

If there is anything that you particularly want please let me know ahead of time , and I will endeavor to have available for collection.



Short Staff

Short Staff

Like so many of you, we are experiencing considerable increases is material costs.

We have maintained a price point of £18.50 for standard Short Staff figures since we started offering them back in 2017.

Sadly we will need to increase prices to £22.00 for standard figures, specials will have a proportionate increase, from 01.05.22.

We have reasonable stock of all figures, and will be maintaining the current prices until then.

Also ,as a result of these increased costs we will need to be more cautious with our future release schedule, the next figure released will be the shepherd  and  flock.

The concept sketches by Chris, below, are the proposals for subsequent releases, it would be useful to gauge potential interest before committing to their production.


Centre Cab


Continuing to work through the backlog of commission work, this is the latest off of the workbench.

A centre cab diesel, this is built over an Aristocraft Long Block.

The Chassis, and cab are styrene, with resin bonnets, suspension and details. It has radio and sound from Chuffed2Bits. The two wooden boxes along side the rear bonnet house the charge socket and charge/run switch.

Paintwork is a mix of acrylics with enamel and oil washes for weathering.


Loco For Sale


I have a loco available.

Built on a steel ME 010C chassis from Essel, re-gaugeable  for 32mm or 45mm.

Construction is mostly resin and styrene the couplers and brush guard are Talisman Brass.

Currently in grey primer, it has a motor, charge socket and charge run switch but no wiring harness.

Available now as is at £650.00 plus postage.

I can add a custom paint job for £150.00  and/or power pack and control system costs will depend on the choices specified.

As ever I can be reached si(at)modelearth.co.uk

Now Sold

Thanks for looking


Fosse Show 12-13.03.22


Neither Model Earth Design 7/8ths nor Cathy’s Castings 16mm will be attending the Midlands Garden Railway show at the Fosse in March this year. 

However, should you wish to visit us nearby at home, we are only 5 miles or so from the Fosse showground

Please email to express your interest, si(at)modelearth.co.uk and to arrange directions, and a rough time to visit, or feel free to supply a pre-order for collection.

ModelEarth will have our ranges available, along with all of our painted examples on display as well as upcoming projects.

My long time collaborator Matt from Meadow castings will have a display showing various aspects of resin and brass production

Cathy will have her trade stand for Cathys’ castings, and Talisman 16mm

Weather permitting I will have the 45mm garden line running.

We look forward to welcoming those of you who wish to visit.


More Ffestiniog Bolsters


I have just completed this commission to build and paint a pair of Ffestiniog bolster wagons.

Built from our resin components, the chassis have been modified with extra ironwork from styrene textured with Mr Surfacer and additional NBW in cast resin.

The paintwork is airbrushed acrylics, with details accentuated with oilwashes and AK enamels over drybrushed acrylics..

The chain tensioners are  Talisman 78-125 brass castings.


Normality returning


I am very happy to report normality is returning, my new workspace is up and running, and I have made a start on working through the backlog of commissions, masters etc.

First up new axlebox for the Koppel skip chassis. The old ones were proving hard to clean up and get running well, these new ones are much nicer, and are now the stock inclusions in the chassis kit.

We still have stock of the old type if anybody would prefer them and both types will be available for purchase separately at £7.00 for four.

Obviously I had to try them out 🙂 so here is a version for picking fruit, standard chassis kit with the support frame from Plastruct styrene section, with weld beads from Magic Sculpt epoxy putty.

The trugs are resin castings of a John Knowles tub with Talisman grab handles ideal for apples grapes, pears, or indeed anything else that could be turned into alcohol!

Next up a set of three 7/8ths Short Staff figures, a painting commission for a customer Albert, Claude and Andy.

I have a number of other projects on the work bench, I will post more images as they are completed and signed off.


Merry Christmas


This has been a strange Year for ModelEarth, we have had an annex build in progress which has got well out of hand. Project managing this  after the loss of our original builder has taken up a vast amount of time and resource. The business has suffered, with very little progress on commission work or new masters.

Mercifully this project is nearing completion, this will finally allow the relocation of the studio and workshop to be completed, and a resumption of normal service.

My apologies for all of you currently waiting on commission projects

All being well 2022 will see a  full program of new releases, including figures, locos and a new rolling stock range as well as some long awaited additions to the existing ranges.

I hope all friends and customers are keeping safe, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Snow Plough


With the recent weather that we have been having in the U.K. thoughts turned to a snowplough.

Some images of the Beamish recreation of Little Nuts snowplough were the catalyst, I took a lot of inspiration from this, but modified the size a little to work with one of our English flat wagons.

The Plough was mastered and sent to Matt at Meadow Castings for mould making.


Matt and I have worked together for many years, he was able to achieve the result that I wanted a single piece iron filled seam free resin casting, with mounting bolts and a brass strengthener in the nose, inclusion cast.

With the mould making underway, I started work on the chassis. I began with one of our English flat wagons. I wanted to achieve a working plough so I needed a chassis with as much weight incorporated as possible, and robust enough to do the job.

I opted for Talisman bolt on Hatcham axleboxes and a slewing Bellmouth coupler for hardware, and adjusted the resin casting to suit.

Next up were the body modifications to the chassis, I wanted to create the feel of a piece of existing rolling stock that had been modified for its new purpose. Laminated scribed styrene was used to represent extra timbers added to prevent snow getting under the chassis

The rock box was made with a set of modified sides from the 2T mineral wagon, I ran the castings through the table saw to remove the extended side strakes. I narrowed a zero shrink of an  end and added a beefier top rail, before sending it of for Mould making

The chassis assembled and painted.

With the first test shot of the plough fitted

With the modified rock box fitted along with a Talisman head lamp on a modified bracket.

Plough painted

Rock box

The plough assembled

With the support bar fitted, in service.

The plough casting is available now at £45.00 and we are offering the flat chassis and rock box for £39.00 if you want to build one for yourself.


New E-Mail Address


The problems with my original e-mail address continue, my Web Master is in Canada and the server in California, I have not been able to contact either since this problem started on 26.12.20.

I have set up a new e-mail address at si@modelearth.co.uk

This is live and working, I hope in due course to get the .net address back up and running and run both side by side, but I have no idea if this will come to pass, or indeed when.

My apologies to anyone who has tried to get in touch, but received no reply, please try again with the new address.

ModelEarth remains open for business and we are as keen as ever to sell you things 🙂

If anyone is in touch with Ferd Mels I would be grateful if you would let him know I am trying to contact him