7 1/4″Gauge

We recently attended the Exeter show, and took the opportunity, on the way down, to visit Pecorama, and particularly the Beer Heights Light Railway.

I have not visited for 20 years or so, and was really impressed with how it has grown and matured, along with the surrounding gardens.

We were there on the last day of the season, the locos, stock and grounds were immaculate, truly a credit to those tasked with their care.


I am very taken with Otter, there are not many locos that can carry off a Peacock blue livery with such aplomb.


All this has rekindled my interests in 7 1/4 gauge, in particular modelling it in 1:12ths scale, using 16.5mm as a track gauge.

Steph’ Hicking, Rob Bennett and I were kicking this about some years (!) back, as shown on this Lounge thread :-


I can’t believe this was 6 years ago, but hey, it does not do to rush these things.

As I have mentioned previously, I am looking to explore new areas of interest for ModelEarth, and I am minded to have a look at this. The combination of readily available mechs, means locos can be relatively inexpensive, and the physical size of rolling stock means it can be equally affordable.


I am only to aware that “full size” larger scale narrow gauge can get prohibitively expensive, but with a ready supply of second hand OO stock, this could provide a way to get into it, and still be able to access all the details, figures etc that are available.

I intend to rework my centre cab electric onto a better chassis, and sort out some goods stock, by way of an experiment. I am taking a lot of inspiration from Chris Stockdale’s minimal Facebook group, with the idea of the stock is there to do a real job of work. Check it out here :-


I would appreciate any thoughts on this, is it something that has appeal, or just one of my wierder lines of thought?




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