Two Compartment Coach Build


With the body kits for the two compartment coach going out to customers, this article will log the various hardware options available, along with comments on the construction and finishing, as soon as I can get one onto the workbench.

This is a wood only body kit, it is similar to the full version that was offered some time back by I.P. Engineering, but in bringing this version to the market place Ivan and I arranged a few modifications.

The roof is formed from shaped profile pieces, and laser cut planks, this will enable a strong, removable roof of the correct thickness. We have also tweaked the end beams, these are much deeper, and will in all probability need to be cut to the depth that will be required for your build, this will allow for a wide variation in coupler heights, to suit your particular requirements.

I would strongly suggest that you review the list of possible axleboxes and guard irons, along with wheels to get the ride height that you need to match the rest of your stock.

Mock-ups and dry runs will greatly reduce the possibilities for grief at a later stage.

Irrespective of your subsequent choices for running gear take a leaf from the coachwork that comes from Boston Lodge works on the Ffestiniog, there, skilled craftsmen spend hours and hours making timber and plywood look like fibreglass mouldings, we would do well to emulate that with sanding sealer, filler primer, model aircraft dope with talcum powder, etc, on the various flat sheets, before we consider construction.

There are many possible techniques, I am using Halfords filler primer.

Whatever you choose to use, it is imperative to treat both sides of any component the same, to avoid twists and warps, and, one piece of hard one advice, steer clear of Polyfilla wood hardener, ask me how I found out!

Below is a list of options for the various components that will be needed to complete your coaches.

If any manufacturer, has suitable items not on the list, please contact me, and I will be happy to add them

Wheels, suitable sizes are in the 16″-18″ 29mm-34mm range these are available in various price points from :-

Binnie Engineering :-

Slater’s Plastikard

The Train Department


Sierra Valley Enterprises *

* These are great wheels if you can get them, supply is very erratic and caution is required, if you see them available second hand fill your boots!

Axleboxes W irons etc

I.P. Engineering

The Train Department




I.P. Engineering




This will provide, a fair amount of choice, I will add to it as and when more options become available.




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