Penrhyn Petrol Loco

Our latest loco release is a representation of the home brewed petrol locos built by the Penrhyn quarry workshops from car components. This is not a faithful copy of a specific loco but combines aspects from all of the available images of the fleet.

At its heart is a 7/8ths re-gaugeable Essel chassis, and includes the power pack and Chuffed2Bits radio control system. The rest of the loco is fabricated from a combination of resin styrene, whitemetal and brass, and is offered in ready to run in grey primer for £600.00, a custom paintjob will be a further £150.00.

The images here show the prototype model, the production version includes a seat cushion, and a draped jacket, to provide a human touch, there will be a roof option, along with a driver figure.


As many of you will know we have been unable to obtain stock of the white metal tools that we used to offer. We have been remastering the range as time allows, the latest offerings shown here are a selection of hand tools, from left to right, oilcan 1, oilcan 2, Stillson, track spanner, pinch bar and a concrete tickler. These are priced at £1.50 each or 7 for £10.00


The range of larger tools has been increased with a spike hammer, Paddy shovel and a pick, all priced at £2.50


Next up a 55-gallon oil drum, this is solid cast from the side in resin, and so features detailed top and bottom faces. We do not yet have a firm price, but should be around £10.00


Finally an image showing the full range of fuel containers that we offer.

Back row, 2-gallon flimsy, 5gallon oil drum, 55-gallon oil drum, jerry can.

Front row oilcan 1, oilcan 2, 2Gallon oil pourer, 2gallon oil drum






It has been a while

I have been most remiss in failing to update this blog, in my defence ModelEarth has been quite busy !

Since the last post we have had a fair amount of new product released.

First off the latest release in our budget rolling stock range, a set of bolsters. These feature Talisman brass for the ears and retaining rings, along with the usual plug and glue axleboxes, and pop rivet coupling pins, priced at £38.00 for the pair.



Next up a driver for the recently released Accucraft Decauville, we have decided to not limit the production run on this one, and as a result he is priced at £18.50 in an attempt to generate more sales, we will see if this approach is a success.


I will addthe rest of our new releases on the next update




New Catalogues

New Catalogues

I have just finished revising our three main catalogues, here they are, available for download, in both .doc and PDF format.

These supersede all previous editions.

I am still working on the accessories and details catalogue, but will put that up as soon as I can.


ModelEarth 2017 Locomotive Catalogue

ModelEarth 2017 Rolling Stock Catalogue

ModelEarth 2017 Figures

ModelEarth 2017 Locomotive Catalogue

ModelEarth 2017 Rolling Stock Catalogue

ModelEarth 2017 Figures




Another commission recently completed is this Davenport loco with passenger and coach.

The Davenport is built on one of Essels excellent 7/8ths chassis, with the cab and body from our resin castings.

It has a full Chuffed 2 Bits radio and sound system shoehorned in, with a big motor sitting in the bonnet, no easy task!

The driver is a demob Bob paint is the usual mix of acrylics and oil washes. The exhaust is finished with Mig powders over an acrylic base, set up with fixative.

The coach is one of our budget range fitted with Slater’s wheelsets, the female passenger is from our Penrhyn Payday set.

Finally a couple of studio shots of the latest additions to the budget range a Box van At £30.00 and a Guards van, less glazing at £32.00 both complete with Binnie wheelsets. We are preparing a detail pack for the Guards van with grab handles, lamp irons and a lamp, price will be in the region of £12.00

I am really pleased with how the castings have turned out, I am building two Guards van for myself with various mods and upgrades, as time allows. I will put the results up on the blog when completed.



Another Pip commission

I have been clearing some of the backlog of commission work for handover at the 16mm AGM at Peterborough.

This is one of the last Pip’s, along with a selection of budget rolling stock, all gauged for 32mm. the wagons have had the wheelsets replaced with Slater’s curly spokes on turned down axle for the narrower gauge

Here are the test shots of the new van and guards van, we will have stock for Peterborough prices will be £30.00 for the box van and £32.00 for the guards van, we will have a small detail pack for lamp irons grab handles etc as an optional extra.


2017 Show Season

The Start of the show season will be upon us very shortly with the Midlands Garden Railway show on the 18-19.03.17 at the Fosse Exhibition Centre, and the 16mm AGM 08.04.17 at the Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground.

We will have the ModelEarth sales stand at both we will be bringing as much as we can including Talisman brass, but space, particularly at the Fosse will be limited, so if you can’t see it please ask, and if you are after specific items please let us know ahead of time

We hope to have our latest Budget range variants on display, a Box van and a Guards van, a Penrhyn style petrol loco, along with some new detail parts, all in 7/8ths scale. In addition we will have stocks of Patinating fluid, both brown and black. Recent changes in postal regulations mean that this is now a show sales item only. I will add some images of the new items as soon as thay are presentable.

Due to poor sales, and the staggering amount of grief they caused, we are knocking the 16mm rolling stock range on the head. We will be bringing what stock remains to the above shows and when it is gone, that mercifully, will be that. I personally have found the whole sorry escapade to be bitterly unrewarding on so many levels. The skip loco that is ¾ complete along with proposed figures will not be released. Offering quality 16mm resin to the vast 16mm market place, what was I thinking!

We will persevere with the 16mm Talisman range, elements of which were previously sold by Brandbright. A recent review of the masters that Pete Coulter produced has revealed a number of items not currently in production, it is hoped that sales of the current range will justify further releases.


New Budget Wagons

We have been growing our range of budget wagons.

Sales have been pretty good, and have allowed some more pieces to be added, here are the Tumbril, Coach and Watertank.

All feature Binnie regaugable wheelsets and coupling pins, and are supplird as easy to assemble unpainted resin kits.

The Tumbril consists of five resin pieces and is priced at £22.00

The Coach is a reworked version of the Estate coach and again consists of five pieces of resin priced at £24.00

The Watertank consists of just two resin pieces , and is priced at £23.00

We plan to continue adding to this range, the next items will be a box van and a guards van for release at the Fosse show in the Spring.