Upcoming 7/8ths products


We have just completed the first two shows of the season with the 16mm AGM

I have been struck with the amount of new 7/8th product being made available from a variety of manufacturers.

This is, in my opinion, a good and healthy thing for our chosen scale, the more choice available to potential converts the greater the attraction for what 7/8ths offers.

An upswing in interest will serve all manufacturers well, and hopefully lead to yet more products becoming available. I applaud all those who have committed time and resource, to developing 7/8ths products, I wish all of them well, and hope that they enjoy success in the fruits of their labours.

To showcase just some of the items seen recently :-

Bole Laser Craft


Offering a selection of rolling stock kits, which feature some of the nicest 3D printed details I have seen. Their Leek and Manifold station building is also noteworthy

Bole laser Sand HuttonL&M waiting room




Some preproduction images of the Dinorwic Royal coach to be released soon, we were glad to be able to offer some modest assistance in this project. Matt has done a fine job with the laser work on this, and such a cute prototype!

FB_IMG_1554591364449Royal Coach


North Pilton works


NPW have been producing a good range in 7/8ths, both buildings and infrastructure as well as rolling stock. Steph H and I were looking over some of their upcoming releases, we were particularly taken with their upcoming kitchen coach. It will come with a load of details, but imagine them augmented with a selection of Dolls house kitchen items, cutlery, crockery, glassware etc. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

We also came up with some ideas for converting the bogie Brake van into a works diesel, as you do, details to follow.

NPW SelectionNPW Kitchen carNPW bogie brake

IP Engineering


After talking with Ivan, ModelEarth will be offering the recent releases of IP matchboard coaches.

This will make stock available from the largest 7/8ths supplier and allow IP to concentrate on their core 16mm business.

Following on from our previous success with the panelled coaches we will be offering these as a wood pack without castings for £50.00

There are a number of options for wheels, axle boxes and couplers. As soon as I can I will put up some information on my blog.

IP Coaches

Accucraft UK


We have been fortunate with Accucraft offering a selection of 7/8ths live steam locos, the next release, a Kerr Stuart Wren is eagerly awaited.



Just a small selection of the range of 7/8ths product becoming available, happy times.



Churchwater Rolling Stock


We have the start of the new show season upon us very shortly with The Fosse show on the weekend of 16-17.03.19 followed soon after by the 16mm AGM 06.04.19.

We will be releasing the first elements of our new Churchwater range. These have been inspired by the work of Brian Clarke see this thread here :-


In particular his lovely pen and ink illustrations, as well as the slightly more formal drawings in his fictional account of a 15″ gauge slate tramway.

Here are a combination of masters and test shots, for the first four items of rolling stock, Flat, Bulkhead flat, slab carrier and three plank slate wagon.

These are 1:12 scale on 32mm gauge only to represent a 15″ gauge prototype. They will be complete with Binnie wheelsets, whitemetal plug and glue axleboxes , and Talisman brass couplers.

Brian conceived the rolling stock, as pretty robust, the models reflect this, they include Binnie wheelsets to keep the price down, but I have designed these to be able to take chunkier wheelsets, including SVE if you can lay hands on them!

We will have these available to view at the Fosse, with, all being well, the finished masters for the tractor based Loco. We will hopefully have a few wagons available for sale at the Fosse, prior to their launch at the 16mm AGM.

Churchwater Chassis
Churchwater Chassis
Bulkhead Flat
Slab Carrier
Three Plank Slate Wagon


Atelier Vaporiste Box Van

As ModelEarth will be acting as agents for Pascal’s new box van kit I will be building a couple for myself.

As intended this builds into a four wheel van, of course I had to try something a little different!

I have had a couple of pairs of Aster arch bar bogies from a logging car they offered many years ago. I had fitted tophat bearings and Slater’s 16″ wheelsets, and they have been waiting for a good home for longer than I would care to admit to.

I wonder whether I should look at offering something similar in brass? I would like to do a couple more box vans like this a well as a Gilpin caboose, and I am going to need some more bogies from somewhere

The Chassis , as supplied will need only very slight modification to add bolsters, I think the end result, has a nice balance and proportion.


More when I have the time


Latest Short Staff Releases


We are pleased to release the last three Short Staff figures for this Year.

Peggy, a variant of the seated girl in dungarees.

Pamela, a smartly dressed standing female.

Mr Lee, Chinese in traditional labouring outfit.

As with all Short Staff figures, the masters have been sculpted by Chris Johnston in Australia, they are available now, priced at £18.50



Skip Competition

The skip competition that we have been running closed last Saturday, following the Exeter show.

My thanks to all of those who entered, after much deliberation I declare James Gilchrist’s entry the winner.

I will be liaising with him to come up with a suitable figure as his prize, in the mean time here are some images of his entry.